Cooking Pizza Stuffed Peppers in a Slow Cooker

Pizza Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers bring together the comforting flavors of a classic pizza in a nutritious, bell pepper shell. This inventive dish combines pizza toppings like mozzarella cheese, pepperoni, and marinara sauce with rice or quinoa, all stuffed into bell peppers and slow-cooked to perfection. It’s a fun and healthful twist on traditional pizza, offering a satisfying meal with less guilt. Perfect for busy weeknights, this easy-to-prepare dish is sure to become a family favorite, pleasing both kids and adults with its cheesy, pizza-like goodness.



The creation of Pizza Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers was born out of a desire to serve a healthier version of pizza night that would still excite the palate of every family member. After experimenting with various fillings and cooking methods, the slow cooker emerged as the perfect tool to infuse the bell peppers with pizza flavors while ensuring a tender, juicy outcome. The first time these stuffed peppers graced our dinner table, they were met with skepticism but quickly won everyone over, turning pizza night into a vibrant, vegetable-forward feast.

This dish has since become a clever way to incorporate more vegetables into our meals without sacrificing the flavors we love. It’s a celebration of creativity in the kitchen, proving that healthy eating can be both delicious and fun.

Why You’ll Love Pizza Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

  • Flavorful Twist on Pizza: Enjoy your favorite pizza flavors in a more nutritious form.
  • Easy and Convenient: Perfect for setting up in the morning and coming home to a ready-to-eat meal.
  • Customizable: Easily adaptable to include your favorite pizza toppings and fillings.
  • Kid-Friendly: A great way to encourage kids to eat their veggies without a fuss.

Ingredients Notes For Pizza Slow Cooker Stuffed Peppers

  • Bell Peppers: Choose large, brightly colored peppers for the best presentation and taste.
  • Rice or Quinoa: Acts as a filling base that absorbs all the pizza flavors. Pre-cook before stuffing.
  • Mozzarella Cheese: Adds the essential, melty cheese component of a classic pizza.
  • Pepperoni: Provides a spicy, meaty element, but can be substituted or omitted based on preference.
  • Marinara Sauce: Use your favorite brand or homemade sauce for the pizza sauce effect.
  • Additional Toppings: Customize with mushrooms, olives, onions, or any pizza toppings you love.

Recipe Steps

  1. Prep the Peppers: Cut off the tops of the bell peppers and remove the seeds and membranes.
  2. Mix the Filling: In a bowl, combine the cooked rice or quinoa, chopped pepperoni, shredded mozzarella, marinara sauce, and any other pizza toppings you’re using.
  3. Stuff the Peppers: Fill each bell pepper with the pizza mixture, packing lightly.
  4. Cook: Place the stuffed peppers in the slow cooker. Pour a small amount of water or extra marinara sauce at the bottom to prevent sticking and add moisture. Cook on low for 4-6 hours or on high for 2-3 hours, until the peppers are tender.
  5. Final Touch: Top each pepper with additional cheese during the last 30 minutes of cooking if desired.
  6. Serve: Carefully remove the peppers from the slow cooker and serve hot, with extra marinara sauce on the side if desired.

Storage Options

  • Refrigerate: Store leftovers in an airtight container for up to 3 days.
  • Freeze: Freeze individual peppers for a quick and easy meal later on. Thaw overnight in the refrigerator before reheating.




Cooking Pizza Stuffed Peppers in a Slow Cooker

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  • Bell peppers: 4 large tops cut off and seeds removed
  • Ground beef or Italian sausage: 1 lb 450g, cooked and drained
  • Cooked rice or quinoa: 1 cup
  • Pizza sauce: 1 cup plus more for serving
  • Mozzarella cheese: 1 cup shredded
  • Pepperoni slices: 1/2 cup chopped (optional)
  • Mushrooms: 1/2 cup finely chopped (optional)
  • Black olives: 1/4 cup sliced (optional)
  • Onion: 1/4 cup finely chopped (optional)
  • Garlic powder: 1 teaspoon
  • Italian seasoning: 1 teaspoon
  • Salt and pepper: to taste
  • Extra cheese: for topping


Prepare the Peppers:

  • Start by preparing your bell peppers. Cut off the tops and remove the seeds and membranes. If necessary, slice a small portion off the bottom of each pepper to help them stand upright in the slow cooker without tipping over.

Cook the Meat:

  • In a skillet over medium heat, cook the ground beef or Italian sausage until browned. Drain any excess fat.

Mix the Filling:

  • In a large bowl, combine the cooked meat, cooked rice or quinoa, pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, chopped pepperoni (if using), mushrooms, black olives, onion, garlic powder, Italian seasoning, salt, and pepper. Mix well until everything is evenly distributed.

Stuff the Peppers:

  • Spoon the filling into each bell pepper, pressing down slightly to pack the filling in. Place the stuffed peppers upright in the slow cooker.


  • Cover and cook on low for 4-6 hours, or until the peppers are tender. About 10 minutes before serving, sprinkle extra cheese on top of each pepper. Cover again and let the cheese melt.


  • Carefully remove the stuffed peppers from the slow cooker. Serve with additional pizza sauce on the side if desired.

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