How to Make Cherry Yum Yum Dessert

Dive into the sweet indulgence of our “Cherry Delight” Cherry Yum Yum, a dessert that layers luscious cherry filling over a creamy, whipped mixture, all nestled atop a buttery graham cracker crust. This no-bake delight is as fun to make as it is to eat, offering a burst of cherry flavor in every bite. Perfect for any occasion, from family gatherings to holiday feasts, Cherry Yum Yum is not only a crowd-pleaser but also a visually stunning addition to any dessert table. Embrace the ease and deliciousness of this cherished dessert that promises to leave everyone asking for seconds.


Why You’ll Love “Cherry Delight” Cherry Yum Yum:

  • No-Bake Ease: Ideal for keeping the kitchen cool during warmer months.
  • Decadently Creamy: Features a smooth, rich layer that perfectly complements the tart cherry topping.
  • Versatile: Easily adaptable with different fruit fillings to suit your preference.
  • Perfect Make-Ahead: Great for preparing in advance, allowing flavors to meld beautifully.

Ingredients Notes For “Cherry Delight” Cherry Yum Yum:

  • Graham Cracker Crumbs: Forms the base of the crust, offering a sweet and crunchy texture.
  • Butter: Melted, to bind the crust together.
  • Cream Cheese: The key to the creamy layer, providing a rich and smooth texture.
  • Powdered Sugar: Sweetens the cream cheese mixture.
  • Whipped Topping: Adds lightness and volume to the cream cheese layer.
  • Cherry Pie Filling: The star of the show, offering a vibrant color and sweet, tart flavor that perfectly tops the dessert.

Recipe Steps:

  1. Prepare the Crust: Combine graham cracker crumbs with melted butter, pressing the mixture into the bottom of your serving dish to form a firm base. Chill in the refrigerator to set.
  2. Cream Cheese Layer: Beat softened cream cheese with powdered sugar until smooth, then fold in whipped topping. Spread this mixture over the chilled crust.
  3. Cherry Topping: Gently spoon cherry pie filling over the cream cheese layer, covering it completely.
  4. Chill and Set: Refrigerate the dessert for several hours, or overnight, to ensure it sets properly and the flavors develop fully.
  5. Serve: Slice and serve chilled, garnishing with additional whipped topping or fresh cherries if desired.

Storage Options:

  • Refrigerate: Keep the Cherry Yum Yum covered in the refrigerator and enjoy within 3-4 days for best taste and texture.


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For the Crust:

  • Graham crackers: 2 cups (crushed) – for the base layer.
  • Unsalted butter: 1/2 cup (melted) – binds the crumbs together.
  • Granulated sugar: 1/4 cup – adds sweetness to the crust.

For the Filling:

  • Cream cheese: 16 ounces (softened) – for the creamy layer.
  • Powdered sugar: 1 cup – sweetens the filling.
  • Heavy cream: 2 cups – whipped to stiff peaks, or you can use 16 ounces of whipped topping (like Cool Whip) for convenience.
  • Vanilla extract: 1 teaspoon – enhances flavor.

For the Topping:

  • Cherry pie filling: 21 ounces (1 can) – provides the sweet cherry layer.


  1. Prepare the Crust:
    • In a medium bowl, mix the crushed graham crackers, melted butter, and granulated sugar until well combined.
    • Press the mixture firmly into the bottom of a 9×13 inch baking dish, creating an even layer. Chill in the refrigerator while preparing the filling to set the crust.
  2. Make the Filling:
    • In a large mixing bowl, beat the softened cream cheese and powdered sugar together until smooth.
    • Gently fold in the whipped cream (or whipped topping) and vanilla extract until the mixture is uniform and creamy.
  3. Layer the Filling:
    • Spread half of the cream cheese mixture over the chilled crust in an even layer.
    • Carefully spread the cherry pie filling over the cream cheese layer.
    • Top with the remaining cream cheese mixture, smoothing out the top.
  4. Chill:
    • Cover and refrigerate the Cherry Yum Yum for at least 4 hours, or overnight, to allow the dessert to set and the flavors to meld.
  5. Serve:
    • Once set, cut the Cherry Yum Yum into squares and serve chilled.
    • Optionally, garnish with additional whipped cream, fresh cherries, or a sprinkle of graham cracker crumbs before serving.
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